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mecablitz 20 C-2

Swivel reflector

mecablitz 20 C-2

mecablitz 20 C-2

For price-conscious beginners

Small, but look out:

This is an ideal complement for everyone who loves compactness and doesn’t want to go without good flash photos. The currently smallest compact flash unit from Metz is clearly more effective than the flash integrated into the camera. The mecablitz 20 C-2 with GN 20 at ISO 100/21° and 35 mm focal length is intended for all those who prefer a flash which will also fit into your jacket pocket. This small, chic model offers two automatic apertures. And the special key feature is the swivel reflector! LED displays on the back of the unit provide information about the flash readiness and also the correct exposure.


The use of the product is intended for the illumination of photo shootings. It is not suitable for domestic room illumination.

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