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Conditions of participation for »Metz Autumn Light Photo Competition 2017«


The organizer of the competition is Metz mecatech GmbH, Ohmstr. 55, 90513 Zirndorf, Germany.

This competition is not linked to Facebook or Instagram and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook or Instagram. The recipient of the provided information, sent by the participant, is not Facebook/Instagram, but Metz mecatech GmbH (consecutively also mentioned as “Metz mecatech”). The provided information is only used for the competition. All queries, comments or complaints relating to the competition are to be addressed to Metz mecatech. (mailto:presse(at)metz-mecatech.de). The participant releases Facebook/Instagram from any liability. Participation in the competition is only possible to the mentioned conditions. By participating, the participant explicitly accepts these conditions. 


Eligible are all persons, who are at least 18 years old when participating and who are fans of Metz mecatech at Facebook or follow Metz mecatech on Instagram. You become such a fan by pressing the Like Button on the Metz mecatech Facebook page. In order to have the chance of winning a Metz mecastudio TL-300 SB Kit II, a Metz mecalight 1000 BC X, Metz mecablitz M400 or a LED 72 smart video light, the participant has to post a photo convenient to the topic “autumn” in the comments of the Facebook post of 01 November 2017 or tag the photo with @metz.mecatech on Instagram and use the hashtag #metzautumn.

Excluded are employees of Metz mecatech GmbH. Only participants with Facebook/Instagram accounts, who represent a person with true name, are allowed. Participation under counterfeit identity or under identity of third parties is not permitted. The participation does not depend on the purchasing of goods or on the usage of a service of Metz mecatech. The purchasing of goods or the usage of a service does not raise the chance of winning. The participation at the competition includes the agreement of stating the first name and surname in case of winning on the Facebook fanpage of Metz mecatech as well as on Instagram. Every participant is allowed to post three photos at maximum.


Participants, who infringe the eligibility requirements or who manipulate the competition, can be excluded from the participation with immediate effect. Are there any requirements for an exclusion on hand, prizes can be denied subsequently or already paid-off, respectively delivered prizes can be reclaimed or corresponding correction in the ranking list can be made.

Metz mecatech has the right to stop or interrupt the competition, if

  • the promotion guidelines will be changed by Facebook/Instagram, so that carrying out corresponding to the valid guidelines of Facebook/Instagram is not possible or the competition will be stopped by Facebook/Instagram because of other reasons.
  • an attempt of misuse through manipulation will be noticed
  • carrying out according to the rules is no longer secured, especially by failure of hard- or software, programme errors, computer virus or not authorized interference of third parties as well as mechanical, technical or judicial problems.

Period of validity

The entire period of validity of the Metz Autumn Light Photo Competition is from 01 November 2017 until 01 December 2017, 12 a.m. MEZ. 

Expiration of the competition

Participation at the Metz Autumn Light Photo Competition is only possible via: https://www.facebook.com/metzmecatech/ or https://www.instagram.com/metz.mecatech/. The competition will be announced on the Facebook and Instagram page of Metz mecatech on 01 November 2017.

A jury (inside Metz mecatech GmbH) determines the most beautiful photos and awards them with the announced prizes.

Awards show

The winners will be published on 04 December 2017 at 5 pm MEZ. In the case of a verifiable fraud, all posts of the fraudster will be automatically invalid and therewith no longer followed. The winners will be announced on the Facebook and Instagram page of Metz mecatech. The prize will decline, if the winners will not answer within 10 days after the announcement of the prize and if the winner will not react to a second effort to get in touch. After this deadline the winners lose every right to the prize. In this case, Metz mecatech reserves the right to determine again another winner and to provide him/her with the prize. 


The prizes are gift prizes. The prizes cannot be paid cash down and are non-returnable. The prize cannot be transferred to a third party. We have the following gift prizes:

  1. 1x Metz Top Line studio flash kit “TL-300 SB Kit II”
  2. 1x Metz video light “mecalight L1000 BC X”
  3. 1x Metz mecablitz M400: (Optionally in the versions: Canon, Nikon, Olympus/Panasonic, Pentax, Fujifilm or Sony)
  4. 1 x Metz smartphone light “mecalight LED-72 smart”: (Optionally in the colours: black, white, blue, green or pink)

Liability exclusion

Metz mecatech is in no way liable for indirect or direct damage which result from the participation in the competition or from the non-reachability of the internet server, unless the damage lead back to grossly negligent or premeditated action which Metz mecatech is responsible for.

The posted pictures must not be illegal, abusive or infringe the property rights of the literary property.

Privacy protection

As far as personal data of participants are recorded, they will be collected and used by Metz mecatech only for purpose of this competition. After the competition, the data will be deleted. The photos will not be used for any other commercial purposes on the part of Metz mecatech.

Legal recourse

Legal recourse is excluded.

Miscellaneous, final clause

If separate determinations of these conditions of participation are or will be invalid, this will not effect the legal force of the remaining conditions of participation. In case of force majeure, Metz mecatech reserves the right to change the period of validity or to change the rules. Any modification will be published on the web page of Metz mecatech, as well as on Facebook/Instagram. Metz mecatech doesn’t assume responsibility for malfunction of the internet. The value of the raffled prizes cannot be paid cash down.

Any exchange of the prize is not possible. The prize will be dispatched within one month after announcement.

Participation in this competition implies that all mentioned conditions are accepted unconditionally and without exception.