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Future always needs a past


The history of the traditional brand “Metz” is a success story - with all ups and downs, that an entrepreneurial action implicates. The company has been established by Paul Metz in 1938. Initially, Metz manufactures electronic equipment for Carl Zeiss but soon the entrepreneur starts developing and producing short-wave transmitters and receivers. That provided the basis for the business area “Consumer electronics”, which was established in 1947.

Metz produces radios and stereos, later TV sets. In 1952 Paul Metz founded a further business: the flash unit production. The company develops rapidly and belongs beside Grundig, Braun, Telefunken, Schneider or Blaupunkt to the worldwide leading innovators of the consumer electronics.

Despite the growing competition from Far East, Metz sticks consequently to its philosophy “Made in Germany” and expands its business. In 1979 the plastic production completes the portfolio. In 1993 Paul Metz died and his wife, Helene Metz, continued the business.

While more and more traditional German brands have to bow to the pressure of the low-cost competition from Asia and disappear from the market in the following years, Metz stays optimistically. More and more product innovations make sure that the Franconian company can assert itself. In 2014, however, the pressure became too strong. Metz got into difficulties and had to file for insolvency. In May 2015, the Daum group from Fürth finally joins in and acquires the entire premises in Zirndorf and continues with the flash unit and plastics division.

The TV division was taken over by a Chinese group. The Daum group is a leading specialist for electronic impulse solutions for bicycle ergometers and E-bikes in Europe.