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SMD-mass production

The modern SMD-production lines of the Metz mecatech GmbH guarantee maximum degree of efficiency, high output and absolute precision. The long-established German company has expanded its equipment capacity and represents itself as a reliable partner in the industry. The modern machinery is characterized by extraordinary flexibility and a high equipment throughput. Thus manufacturing costs and processing time are reduced considerably – important factors for mass

The core of technology: SIPLACE SX1

Scalability and efficiency - these are the principles of SIPLACE SX. We at Metz mecatech rely on the very flexible SMD-equipment line of ASM Assembly Systems.
This line disposes of both the MultiStar hard-face header, which can switch, according to requirements, between Collect & Place, Pick & Place as well as Mixed
Mode and the TwinStar hard-face header for large components.

Innovative 3D-Inspection technology of Koh Young

You shouldn’t leave quality to chance. Therefore, besides In-Circuit tests, we also rely on latest technology in checking the soldering process with the 3D-AOI
System Zenith of Koh Young. The system is equipped with an octuple projecting
technology with multi-frequency height determination and provides highest resolution for all incoming measuring tasks.

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