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The fascination of flash photography.

Flash Guide


Light is the most important design tool in photography, because it is only through the interplay of light, shadow and reflection that photo ideas can be transformed into reality. However, in this era of high-performance sensors and high ISO values, do you really need a system flash unit? Isn’t a built-in camera flash enough, and what advantages does a system flash offer?

In this first edition of the Metz Flash Guide we would like to answer these questions and offer you some tips, tricks and information on creative options guaranteed to help you improve the quality of your photos.

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Sascha Deforth

Sascha Deforth is the new Metz ambassador and a professional photographer. He has more than 20 years experience in creative industry and he is a professional photographer for people and a commercial photographer with focus on corporate and sportscast. In our Flash guide he gives you some exclusive clues and covers exciting subjects, which inspire to photography.