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The fascination of flash photography.

Off-Camera Flash

Flash follows new courses

Have you ever used several flash units at the same time in order to light your shot evenly or achieve a certain effect? The remote systems on modern digital cameras are particularly suited to this. On most systems, a flash unit, such as the mecablitz 52 AF-1 digital, can be employed on the camera as a “controller” or “master”. Alternatively, some cameras also offer this control function on the built-in flash unit.
This allows the corresponding slave flash units to be activated wirelessly, as well as controlled using the camera-specific TTL flash mode. Slave flash units such as the mecablitz 26 AF-1, 26 AF-2, 44 AF-1, 44 AF-2, 52 AF-1 oder 64 AF-1 can all be used in this way. The number of slave flash units you can use is unlimited.
You should however note that camera manufacturers' remote systems work in different ways. You should therefore make sure that the slave flash units always correspond to the appropriate version for the camera manufacturer.

Direct flash with a mecablitz on the camera.

Direct flash with a mecablitz on the camera, and a slave flash unit used externally.

If the flash unit built into the camera does not have a controller or master function, it is only possible to activate a second flash unit wirelessly at the same time. This slave flash mode is available for flash units including the mecablitz 52 AF-1 digital and the 64 AF-1 digital.
In this instance the slave flash unit is only activated wirelessly at the same time. The pre-flash technology must also be taken into consideration here, depending on the camera system and the flash unit. The slave flash unit is employed in manual flash mode in this case. Therefore, in general, manually adjustable partial lighting levels can also be used.

The tree is a mere shadow without flash.

Off-camera flash was used for this exposure. The flash unit was positioned at the bottom of the tree out of sight of the camera.