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mecablitz 44 AF-2 digital / Olympus / Panasonic / Leica

Flash features
Product namemecablitz 44 AF-2 digital / Olympus/Panasonic/Leica
Dedicated flash unitOlympus/Panasonic/Leica
Type of adapter
Colour temperature approx.5600 K
Guide numbers
GN with ISO 100 and 35 mm res. 50 mm32
GN with ISO 100 and max. zoom44
Standard flash features
Light output increments4
Manual flash mode
Remote flash features
Metz remote flash mode (master/slave)
Master flash mode (Metz remote)
Olympus FourThirds-System TTL remote mode as master/controller/slave–/–/•
Slave modi
Servo function without preflash
Servo function with preflash
Reflector data
Illumination onwards ... mm (35mm format)12
Main reflector tilt / swivel•/•
Vertical range in °90
Horizontal range in °300
Motor zoom main reflector
Motor zoom main reflector with automatic / manual focus length•/–
Zoom positions of main reflector in mm (35mm format)24/28/35/50/70/85/105
Integrated wide angle diffuser for illumination onwards ... mm (35mm format)12
Attachable wide angle diffuser / tele / bounce diffuser attachment–/–//–
Integrated reflector card for main reflector
Secondary reflector / partial light output level (manual adjustable)–/–
LC display / illuminated–/–
Indication of flash readiness / corect exposure indication on flash unit•/•
Dedicated flash modes
TTL flash mode with measuring preflash
Dedicated flash functions
Automatic fill-in flash
Indication of flash readiness in camera's viewfinder
Automatic flash sync speed control
Automatic AF assist beam / multi zone A assist beam• /–
Service functions
Firmware update by Metz service
Firmware update via USB socket
Energy management
Automatic cut off (auto off)
Wake up function by camera
Power supply
Use with alkaline batteries (1,5 V)
Use with nicad batteries res. hydride batteries (1,2 V)
Use with lithium batteries (1,5 V)
Number of flashes (with full power)
Use with alkaline batteries (1,5 V)220
Use with NiMh batteries (1,2 V/2100 mAh) 270
Use with Metz NiMH battery pack
Use with lithium batteries (AA, 1,5 V)450
Recycling time in secs. (min./max.)
Use with alkaline batteries (1,5 V)0,1 / 3
Use with nicad batteries res. hydride batteries (1,2 V)0,1 / 3
Use with lithium batteries (1,5 V)0,1 / 4
Weights and measurements
Weight without power sources in g (approx.)306
Measurements in mm approx. (L x H x D) 73 x 130 x 106
• standard |  - not available

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