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mecablitz M400

Unique user concept

High-performance LED video light

USB Interface

Swivel reflector

Reflector card

mecablitz M400

Overview of technical data

mecablitz M400

Flash output

  • High max. guide number 40 (meters), High max. guide number 131 (feet) for ISO 100/21° and 105 mm


Basic configuration

  • Vertical (+90°) and horizontal (360°) swivel reflector
  • OLED display
  • Simple operating concept
  • Motorised zoom for 24–105 mm illumination
  • Integrated wide-angle diff user for 12 mm illumination
  • Flip-out reflector card
  • Integrated autofocus flash metering
  • Flash readiness indicator and correct exposure display on unit and on camera**
  • flash range in OLED display
  • Automatic unit shut-off
  • Metal base* with quick lock


* Excludes Sony model

**   Functions depend upon camera being used

Standard flash modes

  • TTL flash mode (digital only)
  • Manual flash mode with 25 partial lighting levels
  • Servo flash mode with learning function
  • HSS – high speed synchronisation**
  • 1st and 2nd shutter curtain synchronisation
  • Manual flash exposure correction for TTL flash mode
  • Automatic fill-in flash

**   Functions depend upon camera being used


    • High performance LED
    • 100 Lux / 1m
    • 6 stage adjustable

    Camera-specific system flash modes

    Canon version

    • E-TTL- / E-TTL-II flash mode
    • E-TTL remote mode**

    FUJIFILM version

    • TTL Auto flash mode

    Nikon version

    • i-TTL / i-TTL-BL flash mode
    • i-TTL remote mode**

    Olympus / Panasonic / Leica version

    • Micro four thirds / four thirds TTL flash mode
    • Micro four thirds / four thirds TTL remote mode**

    Pentax version

    • P-TTL flash mode
    • P-TTL remote mode

    Sony Multi Interface version

    • ADI flash mode / TTL pre-flash
    • ADI remote mode


    **Master and slave mode

    Ready for the Future

    • Firmware update via integrated micro USB socket

    Power supply

    • 4 x AA alkaline-magnesium or lithium batteries
    • 4 × AA NiMH rechargeable batteries

    Included as standard

    • Bag
    • Slave stand

    Flash Unit Recommendations

    Firmware Download

    Instruction Manuals