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Injection moulding

GID Gas internal pressure process

The production of plastic components can be considerably optimised by targeted gas injections:

  • avoidance of sink marks
  • reduction of material use and cycle time
  • improvement of stability through the resulting cavities 
  • minimisation of warping

TSG Thermoplastic foam injection moulding process

Ideal for thick-walled, light moulded parts with high demands on the bending stiffness. There are numerous possible applications, due to the excellent sound insulation (e.g. instrument construction and the audio sector).

TSG-GGD Thermoplastic foam injection moulding in a gas backpressure process

Perfect for the production of high-quality surfaces for thick-walled components. Due to the foaming in the middle layer, material and weight are saved.

Ultrasound welding and warm embedding

Plastic components are welded with ultrasound in order to connect them securely and in a recycling compatible way. Decorative thread inserts or similar are anchored gently and securely in the plastic by warm embedding.