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Zirndorf, 01/2014

Targeted lighting

mecastudio beauty dish now available

Studio photography really starts getting enjoyable when you have the right accessories to hand. And this is where Metz always has the perfect solution. When it comes to the targeted lighting of motifs in demanding portrait and beauty photography in particular, both passionate hobby photographers and ambitious studio photographers require the right equipment: that’s why the Metz BE-40 beauty dish and its accessories are now available in stores. As well as the BE-40 beauty dish, the LD-40 light diffuser, the BD-40 barn door flap and the HC-40 honeycomb filter are also available.

Targeted lighting with the beauty dish and accessories

Practically indispensable for great portrait and beauty shots: the beauty dish. It helps banish reflections in the eyes in a much more flattering and effective way than a quadratic surface light. The Metz BE-40 beauty dish provides even, direct illumination, facilitating a round, harmonious and nat-ural radiance from the eyes. The beauty dish fills the gap between a softbox and a standard reflector perfectly. The Metz BE-40 beauty dish is the ideal solution whenever the photographer requires soft, direct lighting.
The beauty dish can be optimally augmented by a selection of attachments: the LD-40 light diffuser facilitates softer lighting; the BD-40 barn door flap is ideal for rim lighting, effects and accents; and the HC-40 honeycomb filter provides improved, direct and more detailed light output.

Quality by Metz

Metz develops products that satisfy the standards of tomorrow, today. The use of tried and tested technology in conjunction with innovative functions ensures Metz products can always be relied upon. Our expertise and experience also guarantee technical perfection for the future.

Beauty dish and accessories / technical specifications

Beauty dish BE-40
• Beauty dish with silver inner coating, Ø 40cm / ideal for portrait and beauty shots Provides soft, pleasant lighting

Light diffuser LD-40
• Attachment for BE-40 beauty dish, Ø 40cm
• Ideal for portrait and beauty shots / for softer lighting

Barn door flap BD-40
• Attachment for BE-40 beauty dish, Ø 40cm / adds more sparkle to the
shot and facilitates targeted directing of the light
• Ideal for portrait and beauty shots
• Ideal for rim lighting, effect lighting and accent lighting

Honeycomb filter HC-40
• Attachment for BE-40 beauty dish, Ø 40cm / honeycomb filter 6x6 form
• Ideal for portrait and beauty shots
• For direct, improved and more detailed light output


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